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MSI, succeeding in accommodating customer demand

Jeffrey Lovely believes in his ability to find solutions to your paper-import needs that he put that philosophy right into the name of his company.

Multiplex Solutions, a wholly-owned Canadian-operated import/export operation based in Montreal, Quebec, is quickly becoming a big-time player in the paper industry with an array of options to mitigate challenges that seem ever-present in today’s business climate.

Concerns about supply chain management? Multiplex has that solution. Are their products sustainable? You bet. What about reputation and business acumen? Multiplex Solutions is second to none.

“The perfect customer in our business is someone who understands where we’re at, and who wants to be price conscientious, but understands that supply is part of operations,” said Lovely. “When we put that together we are cost effective for both our company, and the customer.”

No kidding.

Lovely and Multiplex are embracing supply chain management by exploring new ways to succeed, instead of throwing their hands up in frustration like so many others.

“We’re going to some of the non-traditional players and looking for their help,” said Lovely. “In the past those smaller non-traditional players have never been able to compete, or produce at a profitable margin to make it sustainable. But today, with the high cost of resale and the cost to the consumer these smaller players are able to compete.

“It’s about reaching out to them for supply and then begin importing their products to the Canadian market.”

Multiplex has secured agreements to continue importing paper from Europe and its Asian suppliers, but it also branching out to begin similar plans by importing paper from Slovakia and South Africa.

The result is high-quality paper that is more quickly provided to customers in the North American market.

How high is that quality? Check this out.

“With import paper, it’s considered a high-bright paper. It’s 96 to 100 bright, where in North America it’s a 92 bright,” said Lovely. “There’s a better quality, there’s a higher bulk to it and smoothness to it. It’s a paper that North American consumers are snapping up.”

How does Multiplex Solutions take an in-demand product like imported paper, and ensure that is available for an eager customer base? By identifying supply chain gaps and filling them with, well…solutions.

“While there’s been a decrease in actual demand for paper, as we change to digital and society adjusts, what we’re really seeing is there’s an artificial demand now. People aren’t sitting on two and three months of inventory to fill orders,” said Lovely, who has more than 30 years of experience in the import business. “We’re not just working with domestic North American producers. We’re well known in Asia and South America and Europe. And we’re expanding to ensure that we have the right partnerships to increase.

“Paper manufacturers today don’t want to be involved in logistics…they want to produce paper. That’s where we can come in, with our expertise, and work through the complexities of logistics to ensure we can import paper for our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“We can load up our own container, work with the shipping line, and make sure that shipping container is on its way to Canada.”

Connect with us for more information.

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