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Updated: Oct 11, 2023

QUEBEC, CANADA, September 21,2023 - In a progressive move set to augment its operational capacity, Multiplex Solutions Inc. (MSi) proudly unveils its ambitious expansion venture in Eastern Canada.

The central focus of this expansion is Quebec, Upon the acquisition's completion, MSi will possess a total of 144,000 sqf of warehouse property, along with additional 4 acres of industrially-zoned land.

This strategic addition signifies MSi's dedication to consolidating its thriving business operations within Quebec, effectively integrating its four existing warehouses.

MSi's Executive Officer, Jeffrey Lovely, shared his excitement over the development, stating,

"This period of significant growth fortifies our thriving future in the heart of La Belle Province.”

However, MSi's aspirations surpass this energetic expansion. It intends to persist in its impressive growth path in Quebec, employing shrewd acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and continual investment in cutting-edge paper production equipment for the new hub.

With a well-established, resilient supply chain that effectively caters to paper clients across Canada, MSi is ready to take a significant leap towards maintaining its reputational eminence as the prime "Supplier of Choice. ”This expansion underlines MSi's unwavering dedication to its clientele and their staunch resolution to broaden their impressive national imprint.

About Multiplex Solutions Inc: As one of Canada's leading merchants in the “paper to print” sector, we strive to meet the multifaceted demands of corporate Canada and the printing industry. Our immense operational scale and innovative supply methods equip us to service diverse streams, ensuring seamless supply and demand dynamics.

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