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MSi Logistics offers a reliable and efficient freight transportation service. Thanks to our fleet of equipment and vehicles, we can carry a whole range of goods, whether it is a complete batch (TL) or a partial load (LTL):

  • Our trucks are equipped with tailgate

  • General goods

  • Special materials

  • Fragile goods

  • And much more

We also offer small or larger storage service.

Team / Staff

Our consulting service offers a personalized approach. We have always been eager to stand out from the competition, for all your needs and in all sectors of activity.


  • Experienced staff, able to meet your expectations

  • Reductions of your shipping costs whatever the destination and mode of transportation

  • Analysis of your needs, routes and costs

  • Tracking and consolidating shipments


To meet the diverse transportation needs, we have the equipment we need. Whether trucks with tailgates or semi-trailers closed for larger transport. We have what it takes to meet almost all transportation needs.

  • Specialized trucks (econoline)

  • 26-foot trucks

  • 48 and 53-foot semi-trailers

All our trucks are equipped with GPS systems so that you can track your shipments in real-time and thus obtain accurate delivery times.

6 Distribution Centres

  • Richmond, British Columbia

  • Calgary & Edmonton Alberta

  • Mississauga, Ontario

  • Montreal, Quebec

  • Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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