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Multiplex Solutions & Eco Intermodal: Pioneering Sustainable Logistics in Quebec & Ontario

Sustainable Logistics

Multiplex Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce a “significant strategic alliance” with Eco Intermodal, signifying a milestone in last-mile logistics service in Quebec and Ontario. This enables a vertical integration solution, effectively connecting importation containers, drayage, warehousing, and trucking services. We have completed the final piece for a sustainable supply chain to Corporate Canada’s

Print to Paper Clients", says Jeffrey Lovely, Executive Officer of MSi.

This strategic positioning of Eco Intermodal and Multiplex Solutions Inc. “Is projected to revolutionize industry norms and establish a new benchmark for efficiency and sustainability," says Oscar Aristondo, President Eco Intermodal.

The Alliance between Multiplex Solutions Inc. and Eco Intermodal. is forecasted to shake the industry standards and set an unprecedented benchmark for efficiency and sustainability. By integrating crucial supply chain components on the cards, both firms can offer uninterrupted services to their clientele, positively underpinning a greener future.

Eco Intermodal, a privately owned company, boasts an impressive roster of assets including five cranes for on/off loading containers, a holding yard with more than 300 new 40' storage containers for rental service and a total capacity of 2,500. Their expansive fleet of trucks and chassis services the Port of Montreal and the rail yards of CN and CP Rail in Montreal & Toronto. About Multiplex Solutions Inc.

As one of Canada's leading merchants in the “paper to print” sector, we strive to meet the multifaceted demands of corporate Canada and the printing industry. Our immense operational scale and innovative supply methods equip us to service diverse streams, ensuring seamless supply and demand dynamics

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