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Why Choose us?

Multiplex Solutions Inc, a wholly-owned 100% Canadian-operated business, offering a spectrum of best-in-class solutions to help businesses communicate, collaborate, and compete more effectively.

The premier source for high-quality paper. One of Canada’s largest importers with sustainable operations is a crucial piece of our business strategy and another means of bettering our customer service and product offering. Our comprehensive distribution platform coast to coast across Canada has become a major component in our success for being “The preferred national account supplier’’.

Multiplex Solutions Inc. is committed to being environmentally responsible attaining FSC® certification. We continue to strive for excellence and hold ourselves accountable to the Highest Business Standards. MSI believes our corporate mandate – mission to: “FOCUS’’ Finding Original Creative Unique Solutions, insures we lead for others to follow.

Multiplex Solutions' common vision to “FOCUS” is our mandate for catering to the diverse needs of our esteemed customers across the globe and a testament to our success.


We act as the Source, Procurement, Supply solutions team for a wide gamut of products & services not limiting ourselves when opportunities arise.


  • To add value in the supply chain

  • To have global presence

  • To create a work culture where the team is motivated & stays on FOCUS

  • To establish an environment where our associates prosper



  • Transparent working with honesty and integrity

  • Passionate to deliver our commitments

  • Networking through collaboration

  • Exploration through innovation


Running a sustainable copy paper business involves implementing practices that minimize the environmental impact of paper production and use. This includes sourcing paper from responsibly managed forests, using recycled materials in paper production, and implementing efficient manufacturing processes to reduce energy consumption and waste. Additionally, we encourage customers to recycle and use paper responsibly so they can contribute to the sustainability of the business.


We invest in renewable energy sources and implement eco-friendly policies in the office to help reduce the overall carbon footprint of the business. We actively work to minimize our environmental impact while providing customers with high-quality products.

"As a responsible business leader, it is our duty to not only provide our customers with high-quality products, but also to minimize our environmental impact. By implementing sustainable practices throughout our entire operation, from sourcing paper responsibly to encouraging recycling, we can continue to grow our business while preserving our planet for future generations.'

Jeffery Lovely, President

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