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The premier source for high quality paper

Multiplex Solutions Inc. is a wholly-owned 100% Canadian-operated business, offering a spectrum of best-in-class solutions to help businesses communicate, collaborate, and compete more effectively.

We are one of Canada’s largest paper importers with sustainable operations.  Our comprehensive distribution platform coast to coast across Canada has become a major component in our success for being “The preferred national account supplier’’.

Our Services

We are MSi

Proudly Canadian. Multiplex Solutions Inc. is a young professional dynamic organization incorporated with a group of like-minded solutions orientated driven individuals.


We offer alternative solutions for today’s diverse & changing business markets utilizing our vast relationships throughout North America, Europe, & Asia while defining “Multiplex” ties of work and friendship.


Multiplex Solutions Inc. is committed to being environmentally responsible attaining FSC® certification. We continue to strive for excellence and hold ourselves accountable to the Highest Business Standards. MSI believes our corporate mandate – mission to: “FOCUS’’ Finding Original Creative Unique Solutions, insures we lead for others to follow.


We offer 4 brands of Unique, Ultra Smooth, Copy Paper.


We can carry a whole range of goods, whether it is a complete batch (TL) or a partial load (LTL)

Why MSi?

We are a 100% Canadian operated business, offering a spectrum of best-in-class solutions to help businesses communicate, collaborate and compete more effectively.

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What does FSC® mean?

FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council. They are a third-party certification organization that assesses those who manage the care of forests. They look at how those managing the care of a forest are complying with federal law and international agreements relating to the rights of indigenous peoples, enhancing the long-term social and economic well being of workers and surrounding communities, and conserving the biological diversity, water, soil, and ecosystems surrounding the forest. The FSC® also requires a Management Plan. It must describe the scale and intensity of logging and renewal operations as well as the long-term objectives and monitoring of the forest, making sure that what is cut down is being replanted. If all the criteria of the FSC® are met by the management of the forest, then the forest will receive an FSC® Certification. Paper made from wood taken from FSC® certified trees is given the FSC® Certification as well. FSC® Certified paper does NOT have anything to do with the paper being recycled, but that it was derived from trees from a well-managed forest.


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